Newspaper can help you get fame!

It’s so amazing to see how people make the old newspaper look wonderful with their creativity and unique style. By using new papers or modifying them, you can earn a good amount of money and get famous. Just you need to be creative, and you should know basic marketing skills.

so, yesterday I was scrolling down my youtube, and I saw a newspaper art and craft channel, in which a girl was making a newspaper vase. I was shocked by watching her level of creativity. She has transformed the old newspaper which has lost its grace after the news gets old into an elegant vase.

If you watch her then you will be amazed, the name of her youtube channel is “Mahima creation” and she has uploaded 14 videos so far.

I was really impressed by the idea. Like, if you spend 100rs as an input and use your basic creativity, then sell it. You definitely earn a good amount of money and profit. There are many local markets, craft mela’s, etc. when you get the platform to monetize your creativity and showcase your talent.

A newspaper really helps you in getting fame. Once you start earning, then your popularity will increase, your contact will increase, you become more confident. But you need to put those extra efforts in the beginning. If you become consistent in what you do, then one day you will get back something return.

Not only offline earning but also you can also earn online. There are various social media apps on which you can easily, boot your crafts, and get paid. you can also start your e-commerce website once you sat getting money.

5 life lessons taught by “pencil”

how the small things in life gives us some valuable lessons. These lessons leave a great impact on one’s life. I sometimes wonder, that we humans always look for a source of motivation or some kind of reward/incentive to work. We just need to “look around us” to get, the things which we searching for.

You can achieve everything When pencil’s tip broke then it can be recreated by sharpening it. The exact happens in our life. If we pick up a particular skill or an area of interest and hone it with dedication then only we will achieve it. Never feel that you are not good enough for a particular task. Pencil taught me that no matter where you are, whatever you do, there is always a scope of improvement.

Learn from mistakes – When the pencil writes something wrong then, it can be erased or removed. In life, we do plenty of mistakes. If we keep on thinking that “oh my god” what do I do, then nothing is going to happen. The mistakes can be erased they can be improved in the future. The thing is that we need to “learn” from them, in order to erase them..

Everything is temporary – When we grow up, we start writing with pens instead of a pencil. This has taught me that nothing in life is permanent . All the pain, feelingS, pleasure and other sorts of things are temporary in the world. If we are in a bad mood then we don’t need to take a decision on the basis of that mood. Don’t take a permanent decision in your temporary mood, this will not work in life

Live every moment – When we use the pencil or sharps its length becomes short. this has taught me that life is too short. If we want to do something we should do it. we do not need anyone’s approval to be where we want to be. Just live the movement enjoy. Try out different thing before life ends. because ones the time pass then it will never come back

Everything has a value – When we shave the pencil, it produces waste. That waste is not a “waste” if we use it wisely. We can use it to make collage painting, pot painting ,art etc. This lesson has taught me that nothing is wasted in life . If you think that something you have done is not good enough, but it cannot be good or useful for you but for someone else it not. So try to learn the value of everything you have.